Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Flu - says hello

I finally start my blog thanks to the flu which knackered me and put a halt to my busy hours. Puffy-eyed and wrapped in a shawl, I sit at my laptop on the hottest July evening and wonder why I haven't done this earlier.

This blog will hopefully be updated more often than the sporadic bursts of cold or flu. As I juggle my full time job, my petty jobs and socializing, I figure out there's far too little time to do what I (almost) love doing best - and that's papercrafting. I say almost because I don't think I can bring myself to say that I'd rather do crafts than meet my friends on MOST days. There are of course some days when I would gladly give up an outing to stay indoors and create; but those occasions are fewer and undoubtedly very productive.

You see, the thing with crafts is this. Before you start a project the thrill is the freedom and indecision of choosing your media, colours and theme, then once you kick off it's curiosity to see what is taking shape and the challenge to attempt to make it better; and once you have the finished product it's either satisfaction or tearing out the card and your hair simultaneously. If it's the former, satisfaction leads you to complusive creating and you can't stop because you want to keep trying and keep seeing what your mind is seeing. That's what happens when I spend the day card-making and it's only a backache and sore eyes or some pressing work which needs to be done that pulls me away from my desk. Now that makes me sound like a total craftnerd, (if anyone has ever coined this word), but I know I'm not alone. Therefore, I hope that this blog will be of some interest to everyone, crafters and other human beings alike :D


Marilyn said...

It's good that in your leisure time you do your hobby. From your blog papercrafting sounds interesting and fun to do. Keep up beautiful work :D
Marilyn :D

Martine said...

Thanks dear, yes it sure is great to relax doing something you love. I'll have more coming up shortly.

Marilyn said...

Good :D. I will enjoy seeing more cards that you have made :D

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