Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Some Older Creations

As I promised, here are some of my older creations. I will try to show them in chronological order:

This Christmas card was my first creation and I was very pleased with it. It dates back to December 2008 :)

This 3D butterfly card took me only a couple of minutes until I drew the butterfly outline, the rest as you can see was incredibly simple.

Sunflowers are my favourite flower. The bright petals and big brown flower head make an interesting contrast and are such happy flowers to look at.

This early card was my first attempt at quilling and I was inspired to do it by the brown, flat- backed button I found in mum's sewing corner that immediately reminded me of a sunflower.

This will always remain one of my favourite creations. Very simple card, primary colours and gold cord which belonged to a gift wrapping my family had received. It's always wise to save what appears to be useless at first, I used this cord in another two cards and I love the texture it gives. As you can see I used the green ribbon again.

For the quilled balloons I used scraps of paper which I cut in strips of 3mm each in width.


Marilyn said...

Wow. I really like them!!! The christmas card is really nice, I like the colours because they really go with that time of season. I really like the butterfly one too, I like how you made the butterflies 3D. The sunflower one, it's amazing, it made me smile. I like the way you create things, like the brown button you created into a sunflower :D. I liked the ballons card too, it's fascinating. Keep up your great work, love it :)

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