Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Since my first theatre experience at 11, illuminated dressing room mirrors have fascinated me and continue even now. The glow from the light bulbs surrounding the mirror would give me that brief and elusive illusion that I was a budding starlet - a vain memory I love to treasure.

I like to think that theatre is the home of eccentrics and masses alike. It's there for those who can stop pretending to be someone else every day and for those who, from time to time, need to step out of their mundane lives and pretend to be the other.

I have a hoard of memories which I collected along the way and when I get wistful and tap into them, I am always reminded how I truly love the theatre.

Roughly a month ago I was rehearsing for a small fund-raising performance held at the Catholic Institute in Floriana together with a bunch of friends. As I was practising and singing at home, I stumbled on this video. I had to stop and listen and I'm under the impression the household sighed relief.

There is no way this doesn't send incy wincy tickles up and down your neck, spine and all.



Hsejjes said...

its excellent!!! the beginning reminded me a bit of Stomp. Are they british?

martine said...

They are actually Slovenian and so very talented. It's amazing what harmony they create.

Marilyn said...

What an amazing choir, I'm very impressed by their performance, how talented : )

Gaby said...

How amazing! You almost forget its not the actual song! =] xx

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