Saturday, October 10, 2009

La Fleur en Papier


Today I'm posting a card I made for a very special colleague of mine. I should say ex-colleague. My staff room neighbour with whom I shared the joys and lesser ones of teaching during my first two years.

For this card I used A4 brown cardstock which I folded in three, my exquisite pack of Retro Floral designer paper by Dovecraft and chipboard lettering for the name and age. The tri-fold design offers plenty of space outside and inside for embellishments; as well as enough room for those (like me) who hate to leave a card bare with only a couple of words.


Marilyn said...

Wow! What a pretty and decorative card!!! Keep it up :D.

Hsejjes said...

Hi I just wanted to tell you that I find your site very interesting. I also make my own cards, and even last year, when I was going through chemo, I still made my very own christmas cards. I also make birthday cards for family and friends and find that people keep my cards instead of throwing them away as they would do with shop bought cards.
Keep up the good work.

martine said...

Thanks to both for your comments! :)

Nadya, glad to hear you share this passion too. I'd love to see stuff you've created. It sure is very rewarding to know people keep their cards as keepsakes and don't chuck them out when the season is over.
Don't hesitate to drop me a line by clicking on the fluffy white bunny.

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