Sunday, January 10, 2010

Iris-folding from the heart

Evening everyone!

I hope you've enjoyed your weekend and are savouring the last moments before Monday blues. Yikes! If you're not leaping with joy at the prospect of waking up to whatever it is you don't like about Mondays ... then hold hands ... you're not alone.

I have been working on some cards using iris folding and wanted to share the following:

This card was made as a Birthday greeting card at Christmas time from HER to HIM. It reads Happy Birthday at the bottom and a mini heart peg holds the name.

This close-up shot shows the layered effect of iris-folding.

I just love iris folding! I'll be posting some more this week. Thanks for popping by and come again! xxx


Bitsylot said...

Well done Mar! The amount of time and effort you dedicate to create these wonderful cards is evident! Keep it up =D

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