Saturday, September 18, 2010

Patches and more

Less than a week until the end of summer holidays and the beginning of a new scholastic year. The new school I'll be working at is just a 5 minute walk away from home, so I'm super thrilled about spending a few extra minutes idling in bed.

It's been a very busy time, (just the way I like it) between shopping around for home furnishings and back to school preparations. Amid all this, I cram some happy crafting time usually in the early mornings or late nights in preparation for the third edition of Patches - the Special Market. After having missed the first two editions due to exams and being away, I made up my mind to give it a shot this time.

My sister and I are teaming up to share a stall. I'm posting some pictures (by Bitsylot) of sample items.

 Just a taster of what I've been working on...

pretty gift boxes to fill with little chocs or jewellery

 This card is what I'm lately addicted to ... faux stitching, stamping and lovely warm hues.

Felt keychains by my sister, aka Bitsylot. You can view her profile here.

Thanks so much for stopping by!! I really hope you make it to Patches on Saturday 25th September in Valletta. The Patches team will be in St Christopher Street. 

See you there xxxxxxx


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