Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Sweet Tooth

I magically landed on a deliciously sweet blog. I browsed it for over an hour and I can't say there was any of the posts I didn't relish. Check it out! Epicute: The Cute Food Blog

Here are a couple of my favourites:

Cupcakes have never looked sweeter! (and probably never tasted sweeter either)

The pandas rate among the highest in cutielisciousness. Don't you agree?

Then if you've ever tried cutting down on sugar with your tea or coffee ... you should try these bunny sugar lumps. Would you have their blood on your tongue? :)

This is a rainbow cake I'm actually dying to eat. I'm tempted to try it but would never dare show you a picture of it because it wouldn't be half as decent as this. I've always loved food colouring and in this cake you're saved the trouble of choosing which colour to add.

Now for the rice. This is something which goes down well with the kiddies and all those who (like me) are not so fond of rice. Isn't this the cutest bento/lunch box ever? I'd have envied any kid carrying it to school ... and it's rather healthy, apart from the fried chicken.

Inspired by all this candy art, I set out on a papercraft version and produced these Cupcake cards :)

Recipe: Cardstock, Designer Paper, Sparkles, Ribbon, Buttons

Bye Bye! Come back later....


Gaby said...

Awhhh =] all this looks deliciously cute ... and tempting!
Loving the little bow on your cupcake cards =3

HANDZ by Patz said...

What a pretty blog! Lovely cards too!! :)

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